All I want for Easter are Fabergé eggs

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Cloudy day in London ☁️☁️🚬🚬💁

Cloudy day in London ☁️☁️🚬🚬💁

at Richard Hamilton At Tate Modern

at Richard Hamilton At Tate Modern

👯👯 #neoncarnival #neoncarnival2014 #coachellakinda  (at Neon Carnival)

👯👯 #neoncarnival #neoncarnival2014 #coachellakinda (at Neon Carnival)

Swag haha #oldnavyoasis @thecmfactor #coachellakinda

Swag haha #oldnavyoasis @thecmfactor #coachellakinda

You Really Should…

hire a helicopter and ride above the forests of Scandinavia and buy all the most promising looking pine trees. This way, come Christmas, not only will you have the very best one, but everyone else will be stuck with your rejects. 

You Really Should…

overload on the botox injections before your next birthday. Your lack of expression will make the gift giver feel bad and ensure gifts of a higher caliber for years to come.

You Really Should…

commission a portrait bust from Damian Hirst and have it covered in diamonds. Casually display it the next time you have your neighbors over for tea and bask in their jealously.

NYFW Carnival

Prabal Gurung and Target started off New York’s fashion week with a bang to celebrate the new Prabal for Target collection.

Upon entering the event, guests walked down a long rainbow-lit hall that lead to the carnival themed party. Food and cocktail trucks lined the venue among many attractions you’d typically find at a carnival.

There was a ferris wheel.


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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Neiman Marcus should have consulted me for their “Fantasy Gifts.” I mean, I get it, the Versailles-inspired hen house is kinda of amazing and the Van Cleef & Arpels watches are sweet, but what good is a fucking jet pack that you can only use over water?

Had I a true love, this is how my twelve days of Christmas would have (hopefully) gone. 

On the first day of Christmas, my true love would have given me
A Gulfstream G650.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love would have given me 
Two Hermès birkins
And a Gulfstream G650.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love would have given to me
Twelve cartons of Parliaments, eleven magnums of Dom, ten pounds of black diamonds, nine chauffeured cars, eight custom pairs of creepers, seven Rick Owen’s tanks, six long hair goat coats,
Five beachfront properties.
Four penthouse apartments, three Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs, two Hermès birkins 
And a Gulfstream G650.

Maybe next year?